PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT • Enhance productivity • Drive behavior • Operational human capital decisions • Coaching

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On Point performed a series of Performance Management evaluations for a Brooklyn based restaurant chain, Nature’s Grill. The desired outcomes from successful implementation were as follows:

  • Clarifying job responsibilities and expectations.
  • Enhancing individual and group productivity.
  • Developing employee capabilities to their fullest extent through effective feedback and coaching.
  • Driving behavior to align with the organization’s core values, goals and strategy.
  • Providing a basis for making operational human capital decisions (e.g., pay).
  • Improving communication between employees and manager.

The process by which On Point completed Performance Management was as follows:

  • Reviewed staff job descriptions for each employee with employees.
  • Communicated company’s overarching goals.
  • Communicated the purpose of the performance management implementation.
  • Asked employees to complete the self-evaluation, management assessment and peer evaluation, designed to facilitate understanding and discussion.
  • On-site, shadowed employees and management, and performed team wide observations.
  • Compiled all evaluations into report and reviewed with management.
  • Scheduled a personal meeting in a private setting with each employee to discuss evaluation report and employee’s self-evaluation.
  • Allowed adequate time for an open and honest discussion about what was going well, areas that needed improvement, employee goals, and development opportunities and training. Listened to and invited constructive feedback from employees.
  • Reviewed the previous goals with the employee and developed goals for the upcoming period.
  • Made any needed revisions to job descriptions, evaluation process, company goals and internal processes. Shared this team wide while maintaining open communication.

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